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My name is Julia, and I'm an Animator, Storyboard Artist, and Animation Supervisor currently living and working in Los Angeles. I grew up in Massachusetts, and studied Studio Art and Written Arts at Bard College before getting my BFA in Animation from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. Over the past decade I've done work for television and streaming networks, educational brands, nonprofits, and more, but my greatest passion lies in tv and film! I've been a member of The Animation Guild Local 839 since 2019, and have enjoyed working on all sides of television production, from pre-production through post. I love the collaborative nature of animation, and am happy to work both as a member of a team and as a team leader. I love storyboarding, animating, solving technical and creative puzzles, pushing storytelling and comedy to its fullest potential, and helping to guide other artists in working towards a common goal.

Outside of work, I love cooking, hanging out with my cat Parmesan, playing video games, tending plants, playing piano, and enjoying the beautiful nature of California!

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